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Poll: NaviComputer for Android or Windows Phone 7 needed?

Thursday, December 29th, 2011


these days I was thinking about replacing my Samsung Omnia I8000 Windows Mobile 6.5 phone by something new. It looks like I will have to change to Android or WP7 and I guess the same will happen to most NaviComputer users one day.

I already checked the marketplaces for offroad map/tracking apps and found some interesting and powerfull applications, however, I feel like there is nothing as simple and straight forward as NaviComputer is.

I already installed the development tools for android and WP7 on my computer and I think those platforms offer some possibilities for NaviComputer. I am thinking about some extended functionality without loosing the focus on the NaviComputer main benefits: Simplicity and ease of use. However, there are already so many apps around I am not sure if anybody will benefit of NaviComputer on android/WP7. Now I need your opinion, please vote!

Would you like to have NaviComputer for Android or Windows Phone 7?

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