NaviComputer Samsung GT-i8000 (Omnia II) Special Edition is available


The bronze award winning NaviComputer Special Edition for Samsung GT-i8000 is now available for free  download on the Samsung Application Store.

It is based on the current NaviComputer Version 0.8 R2 and additionally supports the magnetic compass of the Omnia I8000.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

46 Responses to “NaviComputer Samsung GT-i8000 (Omnia II) Special Edition is available”

  1. Maverick2127 Says:

    Is it possible to get the installer for the Omnia II version. I tried to get it from the Samsung App store but was unable. It appears I can not get access to the download.

  2. Developer Says:

    Hi Maverick2127,
    unfortunately the omnia II special edition is only available at the app store. If you cannot access the app store from your phone, you might want to try the Samsung PC software Kies. Make sure that you select Great Britain (or any other country where the app store is already available) when installing Kies.

  3. Maverick2127 Says:

    It appears Verizon has removed the Astore widget. Without that widget I can not connect with Kies to the app store. Is it possible to get the Astore widget?

  4. Developer Says:

    I barely understand the problem. Kies has nothing to do with Verizon. You can download apps from the appstore with Kies even without a phone connected...Don't need any widget on the phone. As stated, the only thing you need to pay attention is that you choose Great Britain in the Kies installation dialog.

  5. joecoco Says:

    download successfully via desktop kies & saw it in the download folder of kies as a .app file>> but the kies could not sense the omnia II when connected! (window mobile device centre of win7 could). the .app file could not be converted or moved to other file. could not find a .cab file. Author help please.

  6. Maverick2127 Says:

    @ Navicomputer

    Thanks for your help. I have figured out how to download kies and get it to download the Omnia II edition. However, now I have the same problem as joecoco. I appears in downloaded apps but Kies will not connect with my phone, therefore I can not install the app. Is there anyway to get the install file as a .exe or cab file.

  7. joecoco Says:

    I tried install Kies on winXp and it hung then closed. no luck.

  8. Davey Says:

    This seems to be such a great program. Is there a reason you haven't made it available outside of the Samsung Apps store? I don't have access to it from Canada 🙁
    I would greatly appreciate getting this app!

  9. Developer Says:

    I really cannot understand why Samsung does not allow verizon SGH-i920 users to access the application store and the applications for GT-i8000. Both devices seem to have identical hardware.
    Let me see if I can find a solution...

  10. Davey Says:

    I have a GT-i8000L from Bell Mobility in Canada. The app store program was not included in Bell's packaging of the phone. And the Kies PC program blocks access to Canada. It seems to be a business decision of some carriers to throttle product usability.

    How come you can't make the app available on your website? Does Samsung restrict application distribution to there application store because they awarded you a Bronze? That would be a shame...

  11. joecoco Says:

    No more luck with Kies, it is space consuming but not workable with WM6.5 Omnia II- the one and only device this application is designed for. I uninstalled the Kies all together. As for the non-Omnia-version of Navicomputer, it is good, while downloading maps with navimapper may need brush up: takes too long time to download higher zoom maps (of course). suggestion:(1) save each zoom level as individual subfiles (so that when download stopped in the middle, the incomplete zoom level file could be get rid of and not occupying space) (2) add a trail download option, say, map a line then download the touching map blocks at adjustable distance e.g. 500m, or a point download- map blocks within adjustable range e.g. 1000m in a circle or square>> all to save download time and uncecessary maps

    By the way, could you just seperate the compass part to a new software (as addin to Navicomputer or individual if you have a contract with anybody.

  12. MeL AsTiG Says:

    Hi guys!
    I badly need your help.
    I am very excited with this application (NaviComputer) because I learned that I can use offline maps.
    I have a compatible unit (Omnia 2) and I really wanted this awesome freeware.
    However, I'm having the hardest time to install it on my phone.
    Of course I don't have an apps store widget because I'm from Philippines, but i tried downloading it using Samsung Kies. I will tell you I followed the instruction to the line (surely picked UK from the country list), and guess what, I successfully downloaded the Navicomputer for Omnia 2!!! 🙂
    The problem is that it shows on "My Downloads" folder, but the status is not installed. And i can't find any solution on how to install it. I connected my phone to my PC, but the option to install is grayed out!

    I almost wanted to give up but i couldn't..
    I'm desperate for this cool app.

    I need help from PROs like you guys.

    Thanks! 🙂

  13. WindT2 Says:

    Just like everyone out there, I am able to download NaviComputer from AppStore using Kies. But unable to install in Mass Storage mode using Kies, it get even worse when I switch to ActiveSync mode as Kies doesn't detect my device at all.

  14. Tippy Says:

    If the file was successfully downloaded to our device, find the file and determine in what format it was delivered. If it is a zip file, you will need to unpack it, find the CAB file, and click on it for installation. If it is in a CAB format, then simply click on it.
    I am not sure why it did not self-install, but I believe that Kies only downloads the file to the device, but the installation needs to be started manually, unless after install, the device shows a "button" for INSTALL.
    Let me know.

  15. Tippy Says:


    What device are you using? People having trouble with installing NaviComputer using Samsung Kies are downloading the Omnia I8000 Special Edition of NaviComputer, not the standard version.

    (Quote from developer)
    This version is different from the standard version downloaded on the website or the CAB at XDA forums. (It additionally supports the magnetic compass of the Samsung Omnia I8000 device.)

    Unfortunately, this special version is only available at Samsung App
    Store and so support cannot be provided. The options are to use the standard version or contact Samsung for support with your Active Sync issue.


  16. mickey Says:

    i don´t have application store on my phone and i cant get games on my samsung omnia2 can anybody help me??

  17. Tippy Says:


    This blog provides support, and a venue for comments on using various devices with NaviComputer only.

    You will need to contact Samsung for specific support for your device regarding any other usage.


  18. WindT2 Says:

    Hi Tippy,

    Thanks for returning my message. I am using Samsung GT-I8000 (Omnia II) and wish to install NaviComputer Special Edition.

    I had successfully downloaded the application to my local pc using Samsung Kies, unfortunately Kies doesn't do the installation if I connect my phone using "Mass Storage" mode (neither "My Storage" nor "Storage Card"). Switching to "Active Sync" mode made Kies unable to detect my phone, which we can start to forget about installtion thru this mode.

    I agreed that it seems to be Kies connectivity issue instead of application issue. I am just trying my luck to get the Special Edition cab from here rather than AppStore. 🙂

    But cheers, just keep try googling! I will try the cab with size of 4701 KB that found. 🙂

  19. Tippy Says:


    There is no reason for the Samsung NOT to connect to the PC via active sync.

    Are you connecting via USB? Check the connectivity settings in AS to ascertain if they are set to allow connections and you have it set to "connects via internet"

    If this fails, then I would recommend that you re-install AS and try once again. If Samsung device fails to sync, then it is a Samsung Support issue. You will need to contact them or go to the Samsung website for assistance.

    and....your welcome. Glad to help.

  20. Tippy Says:


    NOTE: You won't need to worry about internet connection or syncing your pc to the device. That setting is important for downloading to the device through the pc.

    Ooops. haha

  21. Tippy Says:

    Again I did it.....fingers not working.

    INTERNET connection is only needed if you wish to download to the device through the pc and not use a data connection.

    The device should sync when connected to the pc.

    I think I typed it right this time.


  22. Ken Says:

    Will there be a HTC version that utilizes the compass on phones like HD2?

  23. Aika Says:

    Could somebody help me?

    I'm from the Philippines. I already downloaded and installed the Kies software.
    My problem is, whenever I would download an application from it would flash a note saying "you don't have an AStore widget..."
    Where could I download this AStore? or if isn't download-able how can I download applications without this note flashing over and over when i try to download..

    By the way, i'm using Omnia 2. If that helps..

    I too am desperate for cool apps. 🙂

  24. Tippy Says:


    Sorry, but we do not offer support for Samsung Kies. You will need to contact Samsung directly and I am sure they will tell you where you can download the wiget you need.


  25. Newbie Says:


    Can I use maps generated in 0.92 on this samsung version? If so, how do I change the xml to an older version so that the navicomputer 0.8 on my samsung can recognise the maps?


  26. Me Says:

    I also would like to see a Version supporting the magnetic compass of the HTC HD2....

    Could you...PLEASE!? 🙂

  27. joecoco Says:

    Is there anybody who had successfully installed the GT-i8000 (Omnia II) Special Edition thru Kies outside UK, at all?

  28. Tippy Says:

    Kies is a Samsung app for which support is not offered here.

    Unfortunately, I have not heard of anyone getting Kies to cooperate with the installation of Navi on the GT.

    This is the reason we supply the CAB file as part of the PC installation.

    Best wishes

  29. Benedetto Pellicane Says:

    I have a Samsung OMnia I8000. I installed Navicomputer on my samsung and i downloaded maps, too. But tha application doesn't works
    either on-line or off-line.
    I got this message:

    "We suspect this client is downloading maps in an unauthorised manner. Please ask at"

    I don't know what to do .... Can you help me?

  30. Allomnia Says:

    Where can I get the CAB file again? by extracting the .app file?


  31. Tippy Says:


    The CAB remains in the NaviComputer folder on your device. If you look there, it should still be in the folder.

    If not, then you will need to extract the zip.

    Once you find it, make a copy and save it somewhere (preferably on your pc).


  32. andis Says:

    hello i am from cyprus and i want to download the application store in my phone (omnia 2) but i cant.I want some help!!

    i want the site to that i can get the application store and which theme i can click and get it.
    (i want it as fast as anybody can!!)
    I am waiting!

    thenk u

  33. 1100D Says:


    NaviComputer Samsung GT-i8000 (Omnia II) Special Edition is available « NaviComputer Blog...

  34. Vijay Says:

    actually i want to buy a samsung omnia II i8000 new or used one if in good condition and in a cheap rate if available please let know thanks, one of my friend mobile has been damaged by my hand

  35. blackberry mobiles Says:

    Definitely, what a magnificent site and enlightening posts, I will bookmark your blog.All the Best!

  36. Mimi Says:

    I cannot even find the app store on the Omnia II...
    I am so used to my Iphone and it was stolen, I am using the Omnia as a temp... but I cannot seem to find the app store to download anything.. It says I have Facebook but whenever I try to use it, it says I have no network connection!? I certainly do.... Please help.

  37. mukim Says:

    hlw! i have a samsung omnia 2. phone memory 16 gb but i cant find it.. main storage is not availabe. haw can i recover it?
    2: cant install any app
    3: can send file via bluetooth, but cant recive

  38. steve Says:

    Hi mukim, the problems you are having seem to be operating system based, head over to and find the forum for your device (there's a find device box top right corner of the page) the guys there should be able to help you get your handset working properly again so you can install navicomputer.
    Normally its just a simple case of plugging your phone in via USB and selecting mass storage device then dragging and dropping the cab file into your device.

    My email is I will try and help you if I can but can't promise anything for sure.


  39. Thy Says:

    Hello ChristopherI've just read your comments on our weistbe and the symptoms can be remedied by fitting the genuine Samsung RSH1 repair kit which is designed to fit the problem you have. I've spoken with our chief engineer regarding your comments on our weistbe he confirms that you can fit the repair kit from inside without the need to pull the appliance out. It requires no previous technical assistance and you get our chief engineer telephone number for telephone support should you have any questions.

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