NaviComputer for Windows Phone 8 – BETA version released

Hello everybody,

it is a long time ago since NaviComputer got its last updates on the Windows mobile platform and it took a while to get it started with Windows Phone.

But finally here are some good news for all Windows Phone 8 users:

A first beta version is available in the Windows Phone store for people who want to join the betatesting.

This is the first version, there are several features still missing and things to be improved. But it can already be used and hopefully won't crash too often.
I am looking forward to get as much feedback and suggestions as possible from the betatesters. First updates are already in the pipeline and I hope I will be able to provide updates in short cycles within the next few weeks.


If you want to try out NaviComputer on your Windows Phone 8 device and join the betatesting team, please send an email at including your Microsoft Live Email address. You will receive an email with the link to NaviComputer in the Windows Phone Store afterwards.


Btw: Of course you can keep and use your old .nmap offline maps also with the Windows Phone version. Also you may use your modified MapSources.xml for custom map sources. To transfer files such as maps and tracks from and to the phone, NaviComputer has a built-in mechanism to exchange files with the PC software "NaviMapper". You will also receive a download link for the new version of NaviMapper.

Unfortunately I did not have time to create any kind of documentation yet. I hope you get the idea how it works (especially the NaviMapper synchronisation)
If the NaviMapper connection fails, check your Firewall settings first.

I will post some tutorial videos very soon.

Following a few screenshots:

Main MapTrip   NaviMapperSyncFiles






















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5 Responses to “NaviComputer for Windows Phone 8 – BETA version released”

  1. Taco Says:

    Still missing your good mapping program since I changed to Android.
    There are good alternatives, but I loved NaviComputer.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations, Markus. It was necessary for many people who uses Windows Phone, and there is not good free gps apps.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What about Windows Phone 7? Did that project die? I still hope you find the time to backport the great NaviComputer to WP7.

  4. martin Says:

    Very good for hiking and biking with wp8, if not the best yet.

    How can you make the font size of the maps bigger? They are way too small on my phone....

  5. Josh Says:

    Now Windows 10 has died it death on mobile can we now have the Android version Mr Developer !.

    I keep searching for this to find news of Markus writing it for the Android but no sign. Navicomputer was so perfect in Windows Mobile, there must be many like me waiting and hoping to see it on the Android platform.

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