About my first experiences with Windows Phone 7.5

today I want to write a short review about my first experiences with windows phone 7.5 Mango and my new HTC Titan which I own for about 2 weeks now.

HTC Titan hardware

The HTC Titan is of really good quality, good materials and feels very solid. Compared to other devices it is pretty heavy but it's not a problem for me.

The size of the HTC Titan is perfect in my opinion. Of course when you are used to other devices it seems really big at the beginning but you get used to that size very quickly. The 4,7 inch screen is fantastic and it has one of the best screen-to-housing-size-ratios I can still operate it with one hand.

The display is good, even if it's no Amoled and the resolution is "only" 800x480 pixels. Of course amoled displays have better black color, but on the other hand the HTC Titans's displays shows colors much more naturally then any Amoled screen. The display is very bright and even in sunlight conditions you can see everything pretty well.

The GPS module (import for NaviComputer users!) is very very good. I always get a sat fix immediately, and it is very precise...A thousand times better than my old Samsung Omnia I8000.

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

First of all I have to say I am really surprised. After having read all those negatives and articels about bad market shares I am surprised how good Windows Phone 7.5 Mango actually is.

There are a lot of things which are in fact much better than on Android or iPhone. Of course there are also some cons compared to those other operating systems like some settings and things I miss.

Everything feels so smooth and there is really no lag at all. Coming from Windows mobile it's a new dimension and you cannot imagine how you could work with that old WM6.5 device in the past. But even compared to the latest dualcore Android phones the HTC Titan with its singlecore cpu is at least on the same level in terms of responsiveness.

I really like how many things are integrated in the operating system without the need of an additional app. You can scan barcodes, detect the name of a song in the radio and many other things without even installing an additional app. Also the facebook integration is very cool: Simply add your facebook account and all your contacts will automatically conneted to your facebook friends, synchronizing the profile photo etc...

The synchronization of the calender and contacts works very well if you have them online at google or Microsoft/Hotmail or alike. I previously didn't have my calender online but now I created a google calender and sync everything between my thunderbird on the PC, google online and my windows phone. Works perfectly! If you have a problem with hosting your calender online you will probably have a problem with synchronizing windows phone, keep that in mind!

Let me add just a few words about the marketplace: Yes, there are not as many apps available as there are in the Android or Iphone app stores. But until now I always found what I was looking for. The good thing about it: Almost all apps have their user interfaces designed according to Microsofts UI guidelines which brings a consistent look and feel and once you are familiar with those concepts you will find most apps very intuitive. In my opinion much better than on Android, where you are always searching for those hidden functions because each app has its own UI concept.

All in all my recommendation is: Don't be blinded by the success of Android and the bad market share of Windows Phone 7 and don't be blinded by hardware specification numbers. Go try and compare it yourself to see which device and operating system fits your needs best. Personally I really like my HTC Titan with WP7.5 and would change neither any Android nor an iPhone against it.

Windows Phone for Developers:

Let's start with the bad things: Before being able to transfer your own apps to your own phone you have to pay 99$ per year for a developer account. No matter if you don't even want to publish your app or you want to publish only freeware: You have to pay that fee.

That's somehow weird in my opinion. And that's not enough: It does not only cost money, it also costs lots of nerves to sign up as a developer at Microsoft. They have made the whole procedure very complicated and there are some bugs in the system which for example took me a few days until they finally accepted my credit card...

Now the good things: Once I was used to the new way how you design your userinterfaces in Windows phone and sorted out some problems I really love it. All those things which were so difficult in WM6 (like transparency, animations) are pretty simple now. XNA which can be combined with Silverlight apps since the Mango update offers additional possibilities. Great!

What about NaviComputer for Windows Phone?

I have already been working on NaviComputer for Windows Phone for many hours and days.

I can say that I have already sorted out most major migration problems. Of course there are still some problems so solve and much work to do but if not something strange happens there will be a NaviComputer for WP!

What are the next steps? I will publish some screenshots and/or a video of my idea of the new UserInterface very soon. It will be completely different from the UI of NaviComputer on WM6. I hope to get as much feedback and suggestions as possible once it is published.

Once I have all the basic functions implemented I will release a beta version which will be made public for all registered NaviComputer users (users who have already donated or will donate anything).

When it is proven to be stable it will be made public to everyone in the marketplace and more advanced features will be added step by step.


That was a lot of text, thanks for reading.

If you want to support my work please use the following Paypal link or contact me via Email.


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4 Responses to “About my first experiences with Windows Phone 7.5”

  1. counterblow Says:

    You made the right choice, and the beauty of all this is you will have an app ready with just a little modification to reach a huge Windows 8 tablet audience. smart developer!

  2. John Says:

    You made a good choice. Even on my first gen HTC HD7 the device is still pretty fast. Also have a Nokia Lumia 710 seeing how i'm on T-MO it's all the offerings along with the HTC Radar. HTC makes a pretty solid device the HD7 is of good build quality the only bad point is the sound volume there isn't any.. In the coming months when Win8 and WP8 come out we are going to start to see more people taking a very good long hard look at this new Mobile OS that Microsoft has given us....

  3. Josh Says:

    Thanks for the review of the WP 7.5.... I have frightened myself off from converting my HTC HD2 to WP, however if the app is really good with added functionality I may think about looking to put WP on my device at sometime other than that will continue to be a WM6.5 happy user of Navicomputer. I trust you will put the good bits on to the WM6.5 version of Navicomputer :).

  4. Dino Buggie Says:

    But wanna input that you have a very decent site, I like the style it actually stands out.

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