Poll: NaviComputer for Android or Windows Phone 7 needed?


these days I was thinking about replacing my Samsung Omnia I8000 Windows Mobile 6.5 phone by something new. It looks like I will have to change to Android or WP7 and I guess the same will happen to most NaviComputer users one day.

I already checked the marketplaces for offroad map/tracking apps and found some interesting and powerfull applications, however, I feel like there is nothing as simple and straight forward as NaviComputer is.

I already installed the development tools for android and WP7 on my computer and I think those platforms offer some possibilities for NaviComputer. I am thinking about some extended functionality without loosing the focus on the NaviComputer main benefits: Simplicity and ease of use. However, there are already so many apps around I am not sure if anybody will benefit of NaviComputer on android/WP7. Now I need your opinion, please vote!

Would you like to have NaviComputer for Android or Windows Phone 7?

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50 Responses to “Poll: NaviComputer for Android or Windows Phone 7 needed?”

  1. Josh Says:

    I voted yes for Android but at the minute I am not wanting to change phones but if I did it would Android. My HD2 will run Android and I know some people have configured theirs to dual boot or emulation but thought I would go for the easy option of doing nothing.

    I would quite like to see Navicomputer continue it's development path for both Windows Mobile and whatever it may be ported too [ie. both or more platforms supported]. It acts as my focus for navigation for hiking [anywhere] and main navigation tool outside Europe and geo coding for photograph. Co-pilot is what I use for driving with in Europe although I learnt in the last few days that they have withdrawn map support for that given that it's a Windows Mobile product. So don't want any more bad news of things not being developed for Windows Mobile.

    I notice that there would appear to be a lively market in Android so have used these discussions sites to check out anything that I may learn from them on maps back to using Navicomputer e.g. map sources etc.

    Can I make a further suggestion that you block users or remove hyper links where possible on peoples names so as to put pay to those guys that are trying to suck you into adverts triggered by the click on. Now I know what these are about with the highlighted link on the name I don't bother to read them.

    Lastly I like the open nature of NaviComputer since you can get the best out of it with a bit of knowledge and mix and match it to other tools. Geo coding, track marking up ready for hikes or those drives etc outside Europe. The point mapping for storing holiday destinations and sites etc. I do also do my bit for Openstreet although they have got a bit snotty about accessing their servers directly from Navicomputer although the same detail appears elsewhere off the main editing site after a few hours or days once the edits are propogated.

    Keep up the good work and Happy New Year.

  2. Markus Says:

    For the time being i am very happy with NaviComputer together with my HTC Touch Diamond. Even if android might be more common, i would stay on windows.

    Thanks for providing NaviComputer and happy new year.

  3. TomT Says:

    Wonderful. I recently moved from WM6 to Android, and one of the things I dearly miss is NaviComputer. The closest free application I have found for Android is OruxMaps, but it is not as reliable as NaviComputer. Three requests:

    1. Please try to maximize the battery life (minimize the power requirements). I would be great to get a full day of hiking (8-10 hours) off of one battery.

    2. NaviComputer and other current GPS hiking apps are somewhat inaccurate on both distance and especially altitude, leading to grossly inaccurate numbers on both total distance and elevation. Is there any way the cumulative numbers can be limited to reject the outliers (e.g. like going 1000 feet or gaining 100 feet in altitude in 30 seconds)?

    3. While waiting for the Android NaviComputer, could you share the results of your Android survey with your reactions to the existing alternatives?

  4. Jan Says:

    One week ago I switched with my HTC HD2 to Android Miui. It is like a new world opens for you. What a difference. Amazing.
    Honestly saying I found also a good app for hiking - Locus -. Sorry to say, I used quite a long time NaviComputer, but this app. is even better. Things like downloading of maps are easier (Vector). I found in this app. a functionality Guidance during Tracks which I missed in NaviComputer.
    But I like to thank you for the good time I had with NaviComputer and I wish you a happy new year.

  5. Edwin Says:

    Indeed, nothing works as simple as NaviComputer. I tested a lot of comparable apps on Android, but nothing comes close to NaviComputer. Especially in combination with the windows software NaviMapper for easy map download of OpenStreetMap: creation of one file with several (selected) zoom levels.

  6. Want NaviComputer for Windows Phone? Vote now | WMPoweruser Says:

    [...] Readers who want the app on Windows Phone 7 can vote in the developer’s poll here. [...]

  7. Want to See NaviComputer Available on WP7? Vote Now! | WinSource Says:

    [...] like to see this same level of off-line GPS tracking available on your handset, head on over to the developer's website and vote in the [...]

  8. Valhalior Says:

    If moving to Windows Phone please redesign this app to provide a good metro UI. It is what makes WP apps so good looking and useful.

  9. Josh Says:

    Cool! Nothing comes close to ease of use and having a CPU program to download to phone. I haven’t unlocked my phone yet but am guessing you might have to, to get the full benefits from Navi. Keep us in the loop and hope WP7 wins!!

  10. Gary Says:

    Dont forget to "weigh" responses

    wwww.wmpoweruser.com is running a "campaign" to artifically get users to vote here

    so say 100 Wp7 users and only 2 andoid users vote

    the WP7 votes are artifically inflated and then multiply the android votes by 60,000 to get "real" votes

    it is better to develop sw for 1% of android devices than 500% of WP7 devices as there are 300 Million Android devices in the market and only 200,000 WP7 Phones that are operational.

    I can't wait to get this app for my Galaxy S2

  11. Surur Says:

    look at this


    and for your developers precious time this


    Dont be mislead, they don't care if people buy your app or not, they just want MORE WP7 apps !!!!

    They are sending people to vote on your site under mis-representation

    Don't be fooled

  12. Wellson Says:

    Please don't bother what Gary said. If not for WMPoweruser, I and the others would have not known this app even exists.
    The stats say itself, if people don't like your app, they won't even bother voting. Just look at the comment. They previously ''had'' WM, but then change to Android saying this bla bla. I don't want to feed to the troll, but that is my limit, Gary. 300 million does not tell the kind of userbase.
    I have not seen yet your kind of app in Windows Phone marketplace. Deliver the superior performance and the market is yours. Especially, when Nokia will push hard in Europe, its home.

    Suggestions :
    1. Agreed with TomT that outliers need to be reduced.
    2. Need track recorder and screenshot save. This will be useful in evaluation.

  13. Roddy Says:

    I think you would win so much more by developing for Windows Phone 7. Your app will lose itself in all the crap in Android market, but in Wp7 Marketplace i think it will catch attention on this young, upgoing and succesful new platform.

  14. Peter Kyhn Says:

    I really miss Navicomputer on my Android phone and tablet - One year ago I switched to Android, but the only program not replaceable is Navicomputer...., Android is much better in my opinion than Windows mobile, so I pray for a version to run on Android - I donated for the windows version, and I'll sure do the same for an Android version - Happy New Year from Denmark 😉

  15. Josh Says:

    Now I'm getting concerned [Josh the first poster on the thread not the second one which isn't me] if this poll is being rigged and perhaps those that post should honestly say whether they use Navicomputer. Clearly Mr Developer will have this against his database and can screen out non users or new users from from the poll.... could be interesting.

    As for Locus slightly worrying what was said on a board about that. The strength of Navicomputer is the need not to be connected since it costs an arm and a leg abroad. I'm not even connected at home except by WiFi why waste money. Ditto with changing phones or application whether cost or time spent sorting out the issues. Time is an opportunity cost, seems like a lot of Windows Phone people have time on their hands.

    Happy New Year again.

  16. Athtar Says:

    Does it have to be one or the other?

    Can't you use something like MonoDroid to make a cross-platform app? It won't be 100% but at least it allows you to share most of your code across platforms.

  17. MaulerX Says:


    What you said really doesn't make sense. All WMPoweruser did is make the WP7 users "aware" that this app is up for consideration on their platform. If they need/want this app then voting is the only way. What is wrong with that?

    And then you top it of by saying there are "only 200,000 WP7 Phones that are operational." I mean seriously, that blatant lie proves that YOU are the one with a "campaign"....against WP7.

  18. Myafoo Says:

    I'd like to get vrsion of MeeGo / Harmattan :p

  19. Blatton Says:

    I believe wp7 is the way to go for any dev today who wants to succeed.

  20. dandrayan Says:

    I am a registered user of NaviComputer and missed its functionality when I upgraded to WP7. I tried a few apps like Outdoor Navigation, but none seemed anywhere near as easy to use and lacked functionality such as importing GPX tracks. In fact, I missed NaviComputer so much that I kept my old HTC Touch Pro 2 around solely to use as a GPS device with NaviComputer. It has survived many a hike/climb/swim/fall in the past year and I still haven't found an app worthy of replacing it. Please develop a version for WP7, it seems you are the only developer that is capable of doing it right! 🙂

  21. Taco Says:

    The main reason for me to hold on to my old Windows Mobile phone is NaviComputer!
    It is a great program, and I hope to use it on my next phone. This will be Android 4.

  22. cgdams Says:

    To all those "WMpoweruser unfair Campaign"-Commenters here:

    If you are really interested in this app, just promote this poll in a suitable Android forum or Website. There are so much more Android Users right now, you should have no problem to turn this poll around, if there really is a need.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    [...] [...]

  24. neopren66 Says:

    I used NaviComputer a lot this year. And I definitely love it: Simple to use, excellent offline usability when I am somewhere without Network Access, good performance, features for showing and recording tracks.

    Some of my frequently used programs are not maintained any-more for WM6.5 (e.g. GCzII). Furthermore the display of my HTC TD2 is quite small. So I had to leave the WM6.5 world. I did not like this step, since most software on all new alternatives are programmed for online-usage. Most can hardly or not at all be used when there is no network-connection. And all alternatives are permanently tracking what I am doing - no matter if this is Google, Microsoft or Apple.

    However - I swallowed the bitter pill and switched to Andorid on Samsung Galaxy S II i9100. A very nice device, and I try not to think too much about data security. Unfortunately Android alternatives to NaviComputer do by far not work as good as NaviComputer does.

    My plan was to send you a message before year-end, if you plan to provide NaviComputer for Android. So you have been faster, and your poll came just-in-time.

    Guess what I have voted for? Sure: "Yes, I would like to have NaviComputer for Android"

    All the best for 2012 from Munich!

  25. Developer Says:

    Wow, I didn't expect so much feedback! Thanks for your voting, comments and your nice wishes.

    Android users don't worry, I am well aware that the poll result is distorted at the moment due to some posts on WP7 fan pages. I should have forced voters to donate a small amount before being able to vote...maybe I could buy an Android as well as a WP7 phone from that money now 😉 Remember I need a new phone, donations are still welcome: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9510252
    Add "Android" or "WP" in the comment and your vote will count tenfold, haha 😉 Just kidding...

  26. Josh Says:

    It is Xmas as well and the time of year to make that donation for another successful year of holidaying, hiking and geo coding with Navicomputer. Can I implore you to also add the additional functionality to the WM6.5 application for us people who don't want to change our devices and invest time and money in new software. The thought of copying across stuff from one platform to another to get the same functionality doesn't fill me with pleasure although dual booting my HD2 between WM6.5 and something else may not be too bad.

  27. Wevenhuis Says:

    Yes, definitely for windows phone 7. Hopefully as functional at least as on windows mobile 6.5. I would like to see improvement of downloadable maptiles as part of the package and the option to add preplanned routes. Kind of like nokia drive, and manual route drawing. The latter would be unique to the competition in that it would work great off the beaten path! If possible it would be nice to integrate it with a live tile that could integrate some off the relevant gps data and directions (such as speed, distance to destination or distance to next turn) while the app works in the background.

    Good luck!

  28. Wevenhuis Says:

    Navicomputer is alive!!!

  29. lollo Says:

    I used it on Windows Mobile and it''d be geat to have this app also on WP! Keep up with your excellent work!!

  30. Developer Says:

    Has anybody of the WP7 users experiences with xmaps on WP7? What does it lack in comparison to NaviComputer?(assumed that NaviComputer on WP7 would be the same like on WM)

  31. Josh Says:

    I did find a Youtube video on the net on Xmaps and somebody saying it wasn't as good as Navicomputer.... so I suspect it isn't. My belief is that Navicomputer if offered on alternative platforms should be retained on WM6.5 so it isn't a marketing thing to get you to disinvest in whatever you have at the minute unlike other applications. When your Windows 6.5 phone busts or whatever you would seamlessly move over to using it on another platform. So if there was a 0.7 version say it would be available on WM6.5 and whatever platform it appears on next.

  32. Akeem Says:

    I've been a longtime user of Navicomputer. After I bought myself a waterproof Android phone for use on an MTB, I gave my WM6 device to my girlfriend.
    I've tried most popular Android GPS/GPX apps and stuck with MyTrails. You could say it's like Navicomputer on steroids. MOBAC (MOBile Atlas Creator) is to MyTrails what Navimapper is to NaviComputer. There is also the option to use (dozens of) online tile sources or download tiles directly on the device; without any computer.
    Mytrails loads all GPX files I throw at it; the pro (~€2) version even displays multiple tracks at the same time. You can color the tracks based on altitude/speed/ascent-rate, use multi-layered maps, synchronize gpx files with dropbox, download tracks from GPSies, add waypoints (ie for contacts in your address book) and even do some (very basic) routing.
    There's not very many statistics about recorded tracks in the app (yet), not even a height graph. But because you can just upload your tracks to GPSies while saving, you can do all analysis online, on a big screen.
    What I miss the most in MyTrails compared to Navicomputer is the simplicity (ie the Start/Stop button).
    So yes, I would enjoy a more simple alternative for Android. But I also like the thought of Navicomputer being available on WP7 for if I would ever want to switch platform. So call me undecided, as long as you do not stay on Windows Mobile.

  33. richard Says:

    I was a really happy user of Navicomputer on WM6, now moved to iPhone (using CityMaps2Go now, which is pretty good, but nothing like a proper replacement). Is it worth writing a WP7 version though? In the UK, the WP7 market share is in decline (1.7% last quater, 1.0% most recent). Android or Apple are the only platforms with a future.

  34. Developer Says:

    I don't think WP is dead, maybe Microsoft can turn the key. I have investigated more into WP7 in the last days and in my opinion the basics are good and it offers good possibilities for developers and users. It only lacks a few things at the moment but these could be fixed in the future. Most important imho is the lack of a device that can compete with for example a galaxy S2 on hardware side. Second point is the limits for users (no possibility to use it as a usb storage device etc.) But iphone has these disadvantages, too.

  35. Josh Says:

    Well I'll be interested to hear which way you might be taking the development on WP platform or Android. For the minute I'm happy with WM6.5, however if you do develop something which is better I might move over to the dual boot for the HD2, although as said if it's the same project on a different platform then then the WM6.5 version of Navicomputer should be kept in step. I can't think that a Navicomputer on a different platform would be that different except additional bells and whistles which would be part of the development programme for the existing application.

    By deduction it would seem that your next phone is going to be an Android from what you have said unless you are waiting for those few extra things plus a decent device.

  36. Developer Says:

    I did not come to a final decision yet. I made some tests with both development environments and emulators. I even upgraded my PC to Windows 7 already since you cannot develop WP7 under Win XP. At the moment I lean towards WP7 because I will be able to port some of my code from WM6.5 (and vice versa!). Of course when I add some new features to the WP7 version, I will try to port it to the WM6.5 version if possible. But it won't always be possible. For example for the WP7 (or Android) version I would like to add the possibility to rotate the map in the direction you are moving. On the WM6 .NET platform this is simply possible (without lossing all performance).
    All in all it must be well considered...costs are not to be sneezed at. New phone, Win 7 license, Microsoft developer account (99$, without that you can't even transfer your own app to your phone!!) etc.

  37. Manni Says:

    Navicomputer is a very good tool. But it would be much more better, if the program could work with garmin img files. With OpenStreetMap you can load complete Europe in 1-2 img files. Can you support this format ?

  38. 1 Says:

    i have been using navicomputer extensively on wm6.1, and found no better alternative. today, any of the available iphone alternatives seriously lack in features and/or usability.

    it would be great to have navicomputer on iOS, but...

    "All in all it must be well considered...costs are not to be sneezed at. New phone, Win 7 license, Microsoft developer account (99$, without that you can't even transfer your own app to your phone!!) etc."

    an iOS version is out of question then ? ...

  39. Developer Says:

    I am sorry but yes, iOS is out of the question for the short term...

  40. Steve Says:

    Hi, This software has been of great use to me on my tough pro handset for some time as i need os mapping for a large area of land owned by the army with public rights of way through it but now im really stuggling to get a gps fix possibly from being dropped on the floor so many times. I know that this software is not ment to run on CE but im really desperate to get it running on my mio sat nav, I have access to the opp system (CE 5.0)
    I have been in a constant battle with it to get anything to install but finally managed to get NETCF 3.5 to install and then Navicomputer (sort of)

    Navicomputer boots but is misssing critical files to allow it to run on CE 5.0 If i try to touch the screen in the map area i get a message saying cant find pinvoke dll 'aygshell.dll' and the software closes
    If i try to start the gps i get a message saying cant find pinvoke dll 'gpsapi.dll' and the software closes
    the menu button works and i can select the options screen and select where my maps are stored
    the compas button also works and so to the zoom buttons and full screen.

    If i continue to play around with it and keep getting the error messages eventually it will no longer boot, I get a message saying one ot more of the progams dependancys are missing. I have found reinstalling netcf fixes this and the program will boot again but with the same issues. i have tried planting a copy of AYGSHELL.DLL in various places on the device but nothing changes and have not been able to find a copy of GPSAPI.DLL as yet

    Its all so stressfull, i have this working fine on my WM6.5 handset but cant get a gps signal (same with all gps programs not just NAVI)

    Any help with CE 5.0 would be gratefully recieved.

    Thanks in advance Steve.

  41. TTL Says:

    NAVIComputer is better than the rmaps in android

  42. TTL Says:

    Navicomputer is better than rmaps in android

  43. TTL Says:

    It will be great to have navicomputer for android

  44. Deckers Jan Says:

    Navicomputer can on both platforms. Android and WP7.5
    People will be willing to pay for good programs. There are enough fans of navicomputer on android who willing to contribute to the development.
    This program is one of the best.
    Due to its simplicity of operation including its marvelous possibilities. All that is needed is there.
    Translated from Dutch by google.

  45. Josh Says:

    Well I think you'll find a Dutch version in it's current Windows Mobile incarnation so it should not be a problem. The file is held in the directory NL for languages. Since I'm just out the door I suspect that it's an XML file and fully programmable to any changes that you fancy.

    Developer has been a bit silent recently so perhaps he's waiting for Windows Phone 8 or something in the development plan.... long live my Windows Mobile HTC HD2.

  46. Laurence Says:

    Am I missing something, or will the lack of external storage on WM 7 phones stop you storing larger amounts of `offline` maps?

  47. Josh Says:

    I tend to run with about 10GBs of maps when abroad and 20GB of stored music on a 32GB micro SD card so I don't think the Windows Phone version will be for me until the devices support more memory and the application can synch well with a PC like Windows Mobile does. I'm watch this spot.....

  48. Bokkie Says:

    I like NaviComputer (and mapper) to download and transfer maps of areas I would like ot go and use the mobile for tracking where I am and was. It would also be nice if it could navigate using these maps, but I can imagine that might be pushing it 🙂

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