Openstreetmap servers endangered – please read

Maybe you noticed some limitations when accessing maps from openstreetmap in the past few weeks. I have been in contact with the openstreetmap team.

They have some serious problems with the traffic on their tile servers caused by applications like NaviComputer/NaviMapper.  In fact, it looks like NaviComputer is one of the applications with the most requests to the openstreemap server.

As you probably know, the openstreetmap project is a non-commercial project and it depends on the servers donated by universities. To keep the servers alive and accessible for NaviComputer, I am asking all NaviComputer users for assistance:

  • Please download only map parts which you really need. Please keep the map areas as small as possible.
  • Please download only zoomlevels which you really need and avoid zoom levels higher than 15/16. Even for slow activities like hiking you usually don't need higher zoomlevels. For use in a car, level 14 should be adequate in most cases. Please keep in mind that the map size / server traffic are increasing exponentially with the zoom level!
  • Please use alternative map sources / servers whenever it is possible to split the traffic. There are lots of alternatives available. Please refer to the post Additional map sources and the FAQ section about editing the Mapsources.xml file. To mention only one example, please check out the Mapquest map which offers the same content like OSM with a very nice rendering.


Please think about it whenever you are downloading maps and help to keep this great project Openstreetmap usable with NaviComputer. It's in our all interest.

Thanks and best regards,

NaviComputer Developer

6 Responses to “Openstreetmap servers endangered – please read”

  1. !i! Says:

    For everybody interested, check out this post by the OSM Foundation

  2. Josh Says:

    I find it bizarre since I can't see that there are that many Navicomputer mappers blocking up the servers. I know there are vested interests in people that ride on the back of maps created by Openstreet mappers who probably don't want to see Navicomputer used but instead their own pay products. An element of this perculates.

    All that has happened in the last period is that you get the painted blocked panel rather than the white one of no map at zoom levels of 17/18 off the main editting site. That is the operative word it's the one used for editting, not downloading. Digging around in the Openstreet site you find the partner providers and it's those that you can go to to get your downloads. Some are faster than others. I did post the link up to this some time ago in the additional maps area as I recall.

    I can only think that devisive people are using Navimapper to play havoc or these events are imagined. It's best to do any downloads in the night at the time relative to the server location which is what I do and keep parameter's to Mr Developers guide lines of zoom levels. There is absolutely no reason to make your own achieves of Openstreet maps since the maps are fluid and being developed so it's stupid to do anything other than take what you want for just that period that you need it.

  3. Victor Muñoz Says:

    I am new to using GPS and have already tried gmaps, but I need to have a off line capability.
    This SW seems to be more than perfect for my needs but I have some questions I don't see posted on FAQ.
    whom should I contact if I had an enquiry?
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Josh Says:

    Victor, post it on the latest 0.96 release blog. The developer passes by from time to time or other fellow users may be able to answer it. You can do alot with the application. If it's a question on a specific device it may not get answered if others don't have this.

  5. sanjay shrotri Says:

    Thanks for your recommendation for downloading level, it saves on time to download and cost too..

    ANYWAY A BIG THANK YOU for such a wonderful program, it helped me a lot during my recent travel.

    One question.. it did not tell the navigation commands as some of the other other programs do... Any setting issue?

  6. ultimate submision Says:

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