Released version 0.96

Hi there,

after a long time of waiting I am glad to announce a new version of navicomputer. Go to download page.

Well, honestly it's not a big update but at least it comes up with two improvements which many user had requested.

Many users wanted to have shorter trackpoint intervalls in recorded tracks, especially important when moving fast by bike or car. The previous version was limited to a min intervall of 5sec. Another limitation was the track displayed in the map view: If a track had more than 600 trackpoints, only every second point was displayed in the track. Both limitations were made to keep the performance high on all kind of smartphones and to save batterie power. Now I decided to create a file with 'expert settings' where the user himself can specify the limits so everyone can adapt it to his/her needs and device performance.

This is what I came up with:

By default, the program still comes with a trackpoint intervall of 5sec and tracks are displayed with max 1000 points. After running the program the first time, you will find a file named 'expert.config' in the NaviComputer program directory. This file is in xml format and can be opened and edited with a texteditor. It looks like following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ExpertSettings xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">

You can simply change the values to your needs (use only integer values).

Finally the complete changelog:


  • Fix: Error in GPX file header
  • New: Adjustable recording trackpoint intervall (expert.config)
  • New: Maximum trackpoints of a track displayed in map view is adjustable (expert.config)
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98 Responses to “Released version 0.96”

  1. Josh Says:

    On the pause button people have asked for this before. The developer says that you just switch of the phone. It knows thar the track hasn't finished. Next you launch Navicomputer it asks you do you want to continue with the unsaved tracks and off you go again.

    I use mine for Geotagging photos as well so keep it on all of the time. Have ypu found the way to put your phone into standbye low energy mode which keeps everything running except the screen. A long hold of the off button on an hd2 then lock device... that's they way I run mine with Navicomputer.

    Now I have a request I need the Quadkey %k parsed into three parts for the xml file. The first five characters, then another five and the last three. Can this be done via XML commands and Navicomputer interpretation. Not certain my XML isn't rhat good. Failing that it's a request for Mr Developer to provide three more handles os say a%, b%, c% which you can use in the xml mapsource file.

    I love Navicomputer even more after last weeks surfing of Android mapping discussion threads which threw up other syntax, that which we can't talk about here.


  2. Josh Says:

    Obviously I meant the quad key parsed into three parts, 6 characters, 6 characters and 3 characters.... any offers on XML commands if it can be done this way or is this one for Mr Developer where Navicomputer has three more variables that it provides for hitching up.

  3. Josh Says:

    OK more experiments... the parsing of the quad key is dependent on the zoom level, I'm sure Mr Developer recognises what I want, it's three additional fields that fit in with the quad key way of addressing which consists of the quad key passed into three components. There is a tile system that uses this. I'm assuming that once you address it correctly everything else drops into place.

    A Google on quad key for any one interested in what quad keys are. Navicomputer has available to it the %k parameter which has this key in it which can be passed via the XML file. However, other systems use this key but pass it into three parts for addressing tiles, the passing is dependent on the zoom level [that's why I kept changing my mind on the number of characters required in splitting the key into component parts].

    Since I make an annual donation to the development of Navicomputer I'm hoping it may be looked on favourably :). I'm hoping that it would not create overheads if Navicomputer also had these three variables available to it.

  4. Gio Says:

    it's a very good program
    bat i want ask ask you anoter feature
    it's possible rotate the map and leave the arrow in the direction of travel
    in the map screen viewing?
    so i can I can see the map oriented with my direction

    excuse my English

  5. Developer Says:

    Josh, could you please send me an email with detailed description about your quad key issue, with map example? I have not seen any map with a quad key splitted in 3 parts yet so at the moment it is not completely clear for me...

  6. Josh Says:

    Thanks, done.

  7. Luvsa Dawagiv Says:

    You have such good offline maps for so outdated and not popular Windows Mobile devices. Please be with the time and opt for ever popular Android applications.

  8. Josh Says:

    Slightly strange statement if you don't have Windows mobile device and don't use Navimapper, like ridiculing people that shop at a shop when you don't shop there. Everyone to their own. I would get upset if I changed phones to Android without Navimapper since I'm use to it, but then my research suggests that there are applications which are as good for the Android phone, lively add on's which give Mobac type of access to material and the ability to digitise maps in as well. So I don't think for a minute that we have access to good maps which are better than Android users have since they have the same. Whether the functionality is as good, can't comment since I don't have an Android phone and who wants to run with the pack. I haven't mentioned Apple since I can't be bothered.

    Navimapper was developed as a hobbyist program, least I believe so, and making a donation to the project keeps the developer working on it, in his spare time etc, so we must thank him for making the project available to us so we can all enjoy the fruits of his labours. Other applications for other platforms may be available somewhere else.... would have to look at Windows / Android dual boot if he ever develops it for Android phones, failing that happy to keep my ROM and SD card as they are on my Windows HD2 - least our phones are hobbyist as well and aren't locked into a commercial world.

  9. Chris Says:

    I tried to import a gpx file but it only says "GPX file not supported" or even freezes the application. What is wrong? Even loading and saving with gpsies or bikeroutetoaster didn't work.

    Somebody familiar to this?

  10. Josh Says:

    I don't have a problem with them they go into Openstreet fine, geo picture location software fine. Sometimes packages have issues with the header.... have you looked at that ?. I recall Minicomputer is a 1.1 ?... sometimes this needs to be editted. gpsbabel works fine with it so you may be able to import in out with it fixed.

  11. Josh Says:

    Well mine just went straight in to GPSIES as a show track without problems... so you must be doing something wrong. have you tried opening the file in Notebook and seeing what is there ?. Sure you haven't opened it and saved it corruption XML structure ?.

  12. Josh Says:

    I see Openstreet is getting hot and bothered

    But this is nothing new tiles at 17 & 18 zoom level were made not available for direct access from it's servers months ago so you access them from alternative tile suppliers of Openstreet touched open in the additional map sources. Such belly acheing on the Openstreet blog is probably linked to specific persons who want to flog their commercial applications.

    As a contributor to Openstreet I get irritated by my content being commercially used but then attempted to be blocked from me... that cycle tiles site that flogs applications as well that use Openstreet data. The Openstreet pronouncement is about getting you to access the tiles from other than their editting tile server site which get effected by users downloading tiles. Probably best as users if we spread our use of openstreet providers between sites so I won't name the one I use but they are listed on Openstreet and I've talked about it on blog posts before. OSM tiles render much better than the Mapnik ones. Rule of thumb is you only need to download tiles of 17 / 18 when walking, driving 14 is adequate. So in your downloads you go down to 16, then 17 or 18 where you need the hiking / walking detail which is highly specific. You also do downloads over night when servers are less busy. That way everybody is happy.

  13. trevor12 Says:

    Can I ask you I have htc x7500 athena with win mobile 5 phone edition, after succesful installed Navicomputer 0.96 I prepared *.nmap via Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC) 1.9 beta 1 where is possible use Google maps (newer version of mobac disabled source Google maps). I selected zoom level 15 (minimum for street´s name viewing) and area Prague, resulted *.nmap has 127 MB. After copying this file to correct directory in device \Program Files\NaviComputer\Maps I started program NaviComputer but I cannot load this file via Options .. Is it my mistake that I have win mob 5 and not 6 or is it bug in the program ? Also no sattelites (gps) were detected. May I ask you in the future version of NaviComputer fix this error and release that version for users of windows mobile 5 version too ?

  14. Josh Says:

    The developer passes by sometimes, in the meantime just in case it's an issue with Mobac you can directly get at the maps from the application and also tailor make it to read other similar authorised map tiles. Assuming that your device has a touch screen you hold down on it till it pops up with the menu and you click on Online Mode, tap Maptype and select say Openstreet. It's only levels 17 and 18 that they have been blocked since it was ordained that Navicomputer users were creating overheads against the primary task of the servers to be used to create maps, not read them...

    So if by zooming in and out [bottom left] and it doesn't paint a map then it's not working as you would hope it too.... pass on the rest. If it is working then you need to start reading up on additional map sources and adjusting the files as required.

  15. Alberto Maria Says:

    I'm glad to find this master piece of software, I've tried in my ZTE Bluebelt, and it works fine, except the menu VIEW, it stays not active, and I can't go to the functions related to this menu. Do you know the reason why I cant access to the menu VIEW?
    Thanks a lot for everything. Even with this limitation, I'm your fan right now.
    From Portugal,
    Alberto (with a big hug)

  16. Vlad Says:

    2 Alberto Maria>
    If I switch my PDA to portrait orientation, View menu is active. If I change to landscape orientation Viem menu becomes inactive (grey). WAD, I guess. Could this be your case as well?

    2 NaviComputer developers>
    Nice piece of software, congratulations, I like it, simple, easy, useful with my topomaps. however I would appreaciate possibility to associate hardware buttons with certain software functions, e.g. zoom in/out etc. as well as possibility to search through the GPX files containing for example bigger amount of POI's. (now I need to list and pass through the whole gpx file containg 100s of POIs (e.g.Cities) if I need to find those which name begin with Z..).

  17. Harry Says:

    Hi from Sunny Spain,

    Just started with NaviMapper yesterday, looks just what I need!!

    Is there a simple User guide I can download.


  18. Nishant Says:


    We are a Singaporean company introducing semantic app for tourists.
    We are considering to include turn-by-turn Navigation as one of our features.
    Appreciate if you can revert back at the earliest, to take up further discussions.


  19. Josh Says:

    Greetings from Japan where Navicomputer has been doing it's business of getting us around the island of Shikoku meeting all expectations as normal.

  20. Louis Says:

    I'm using NaviComputer for a short time. It's very nice and simple to use. I use it with a HTC Herald, WM 6.0 and an external GPS receiver Royaltek.
    I have some questions and suggestions :

    1. It should be nice if a dynamical orientation was possible, I mean the same view than GPS viewers (the map turns when we turn in another direction). The option would be available by means of the menu.

    2. A button 'Center map to current position' at the center of the header would be appreciated in addition to the option of the menu. A little blue triangle with a rounded or rectangular border could be used for the icon.

    3. It seems that the software has some difficulties to find the GPS position when we start to use it in closed areas. I'm obliged to turn off the GPS receiver, then turn on, then start again NaviComputer. Otherwise, 'scan' is permanently displayed, the previous position which was calculated during the previous execution is displayed, and it's not possible to get the position. Maybe the problem is due to the receiver ?

    4. I have the same problem than another user about the landscape orientation : full screen display is not possible.

    5. Using hardware buttons should be also useful.

    6. It should be nice if the GPS was automatically activated if detected.

    7. Do you forecast to create a Windows (7 or less) version for tablets or laptops ?

    8. Could you tell me which development platform is used and which component/control to draw the map ?

    We are some users who ask some new features, simple or more difficult to do or time consuming. That's the price of the success... !

  21. Mick Says:

    Help please.
    I am a complete newbie to navicomputer. I can download maps from navimapper no problem, and they are saved in nmap format.
    However navicomputer on my HTC running windows, only seems to want to look for/use GPX files?
    What am I doing wrong?

  22. Josh Says:

    Mick, have you swished the bar between the <> which takes you to the other views. The mmap files go into the maps directory.

    I think the programs great for what it does giving perfect navigation when out and about in foreign parts.

  23. Graham Says:

    Hi, I've just installed 0.96 and Navimapper refuses to download any maps.
    It doesn't even think about it!
    As soon as I hit 'Download' , Windows pops-up a box saying the program has stopped working and has a problem.
    I'm running Windows 7.

  24. Josh Says:

    Graham, I don't have a problem with it. I installed it on Windows 7, downloaded a test map and it was fine. Normally I run it on my laptop, but on my new Windows 7 PC no problems. So I pass on that. See what other people say. I pointed the save directory to somewhere where it can write to like in Users and made a directory within My Documents of my users etc.....

  25. Minister Huang Says:

    Dear Developer:

    For NaviMapper, When I input the center decimal degrees like 'E110.5,N20.9', the center position isn't I wanted, it jump reandom. pleasde help!

    thank's a lot!

  26. Alex Says:

    Hi, I use Omnia Pro B7320. when i go to menu option, the program crashes with the following error message. Please help.

    System.Windows.Forms.Control.InvokeHelper(delegate method, boolean fSynchronous, Object RgobjArgs)

  27. Heinz Says:

    Navicomputer is really great, but suddenly (it still worked the day before and I haven't changed anything!!) I got a big problem: Navicomputer will start and show maps, but as soon I want to start a new track there comes an error: I should install "". But this file was installed and still is. Re- installation of both program and Framework didn't change anything.
    Who could help?

  28. Developer Says:

    Hi Heinz,
    what phone do you have? I recommend you deinstall NaviComputer, then delete the complete navicomputer directory and then reinstall it. (do not forget to make a backup of your navicomputer data)

  29. Yogi Says:

    I am using NaviComputer now for two years and I am still enjoying it every time!
    Yesterday we went geocaching for the first time and I found a drawback:
    Entering latitude and longitude seems to be possible in format "dd,ddddddd" only. The geocachers usually use the format "dd° mm,mmmmm" (where dd,ddddddd stands for decimal-degree and mm,mmmmm for decimal-minute). Is there any chance to use this (more common) format?


  30. Josh Says:

    Well if we haven't discovered it yet the OSMrender or otherwise called T at H has been discontinued. This happened at the end of the February. I much preferred this one since it gave big characters and map lines on small mobile screens. If any one has stumbled on the equivalent let me know.

    The sign off message on Openstreet reads:

    [OSM-dev] ANNOUNCEMENT: T at H server will go away end of February
    Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth dot de
    Wed Feb 1 11:15:44 GMT 2012

    Previous message: [OSM-dev] mod_tile installation problem
    Next message: [OSM-dev] [Tilesathome] ANNOUNCEMENT: T at H server will go away end of February
    Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ]

    Hi all,

    I was just informed that the central ETH IT took an issue with the
    constant large bandwidth that the t at h server uses. In addition the
    server is four years old and getting old and senile...

    This means that end of February, the T at h server will be shut down and go
    away. Unless a replacement server (&admin) is being found, that will
    also likely imply that the T at H service will go away (together with the
    tiles web server) at that point.

    I have previously argued, why I believe that a t at h service is not that
    crucial anymore, although I still believe it is good that it was
    there. I am not sure if and what should replace t at h, but generally
    speaking there are so many ways now to customize and get rendered tiles,
    that t at h is a bit of a dinosaur. A fun one though 🙂

    I would like to thank the ETH Zurich, and specifically the Institute for
    Cartography of Prof. Lorenz Hurni that had been sponsoring the server and the bandwidth over
    the course of four years. They have been very generous, and never
    complained about the bandwidth/diskspace we were hogging all the
    time. Finally a special thanks to Claudia Matthys, their IT sysadmin who
    helped to purchase, setup and administer the thing.

    Also thanks to the legions of renderers, client developers, and style
    tweakers, such as Bob Kare, Petschge, Dirk Lüder-Kreie, the ROMA and
    TRAPI developers, and the people involved in running the read-only
    mirror architecture. That was and is amazing work that diverse people
    have been putting together there.

    I am not that much into mapping any more, but I will hang around and am
    open to other fun projects.

    The main options for conventional 2D raster rendering:

    Mapnik - Requires PostgreSQL and various C++ libraries. It is designed to be fast and is suitable for tile generation on high-end servers but it isn't particularly easy to set up.

    Osmarender - XSLTs which does OSM XML to SVG transformation. tiles (at) home was a project which uses Osmarender to create a tile set for serving a map layer alongside Mapnik's, but Osmarender can also be a good option for doing one-off renderings. SVG format allows you to do post-processing tidy up tweaks (see other options below). It was withdrawed from the main map at on 1th March 2012.

  31. Andy Says:

    Nice program, but would like to see search by street name feature in a future release.

  32. Criss Says:

    an auto-pause feature (speed< 3kmph (configurable) - do not record) should be very useful because I am using this application for biking. I think it's an easy feature to implement it will be very useful. Thank. I hope there is someone there who still reads these topics.

  33. MLudwig Says:

    I would be nice if new bookmarks could be added to the gpx files and not to favourites. This way you could export them to google earth.

  34. Developer Says:

    Criss, what do you mean with automatic pause function? Do you want the time (stopwatch) to be paused when you are not moving?

  35. Steve Says:

    Hi, This software has been of great use to me on my tough pro handset for some time as i need os mapping for a large area of land owned by the army with public rights of way through it but now im really stuggling to get a gps fix possibly from being dropped on the floor so many times. I know that this software is not ment to run on CE but im really desperate to get it running on my mio sat nav, I have access to the opp system (CE 5.0)
    I have been in a constant battle with it to get anything to install but finally managed to get NETCF 3.5 to install and then Navicomputer (sort of)

    Navicomputer boots but is misssing critical files to allow it to run on CE 5.0 If i try to touch the screen in the map area i get a message saying cant find pinvoke dll 'aygshell.dll' and the software closes
    If i try to start the gps i get a message saying cant find pinvoke dll 'gpsapi.dll' and the software closes
    the menu button works and i can select the options screen and select where my maps are stored
    the compas button also works and so to the zoom buttons and full screen.

    If i continue to play around with it and keep getting the error messages eventually it will no longer boot, I get a message saying one ot more of the progams dependancys are missing. I have found reinstalling netcf fixes this and the program will boot again but with the same issues. i have tried planting a copy of AYGSHELL.DLL in various places on the device but nothing changes and have not been able to find a copy of GPSAPI.DLL as yet

    Its all so stressfull, i have this working fine on my WM6.5 handset but cant get a gps signal (same with all gps programs not just NAVI)

    Any help with CE 5.0 would be gratefully recieved.

    Thanks in advance Steve.

  36. Developer Says:

    Steve, please avoid double posts. I have read your comment but unfortunately I cannot help you with this issue. Win CE 5 is missing some api libraries which navicomputer needs in order to work properly. For example the intermediate gps driver.
    I don't know if there is any workaround for this.

  37. Steve Says:

    Hi thanks for your reply, the device running ce is a gps unit so i wondered if this was a possibility. i know that when i plant aygshell.dll in the device, the gps stops working in the navman software and works again once i remove it.
    im no programmer so i dont know what im looking for.


  38. Frank Says:

    Hi, I installed Mapnik and rendered my own tiles. I tried to create nmaps
    using something like
    in the mapsources.xml file and stored the tiles in that local
    directories, but navimapper did not find any. Is there an option to use
    local tiles?

  39. Josh Says:

    The more recent versions of Mobac can create NMAPS files from tiles that you create.... elsewhere on the blog I will have mentioned it sometime this year I think in relation to MapCruncher.

  40. Joe Says:

    One small feature I'd really like to see added to the PC NaviMapper is a small cross-hair in the exact center of the map window. I find it very difficult to pinpoint my required zoom position without it. ACME Mapper on the net is a good example of this.

    On another note, this application is so useful that it practically predetermines which mobile phone I'm willing to buy! Right now I'm on a TMO HD2, but someday I'll need access to 4G, and that will undoubtedly be WP7. To the developer, I really appreciate your work, past and present, and hope the WP7 version materializes. I don't know how many people have contributed $$ to this project or how much (I know I have), but for all practical purposes you don't have to do this as freeware. I'd pay for it in a heartbeat!

  41. SteveO Says:

    please can the map centre on your current position so it moves along with you so you don't need to keep stopping to move the map to see where you are. or is there a way of making it do this already?

  42. Developer Says:

    hi steve, in fact this is already possible via the context menu. Please refer to point 24 in the faq section of the navicomputer webseite

  43. horst Says:

    wonderfull software !
    now (preparing my vacation to the philippines) i try to use navicomputer with my "old" pda; this is a BlueMedia PDA 255 with Windows Mobile 2003.
    everything works very fine (maps a.s.o), but when i switch the gps to "on",
    the software end with error-message missing "PInvoke-DLL "gpsapi.dll".
    is there any way to use it or to edit the xml-file ?
    my "onboard"-gps is om com-port 2 with 4800 baud.
    thank you for your help.

  44. Frank Says:

    Thanks to Josh. I'm now creating my own nmaps with Mobac. Works nicely.
    A new question: A friend of mine asked me to also install NaviComputer on his old MDA compact III and I did. But no contact to the GPS unit was possible. So we checked the GPS unit with GPS test 1.04 and found that it only works, if the software is looking to port COM4. Obviously NaviComputer does not look to this port. Has anyone an idea what to do?
    NaviComputer is 0.96 (build 4191.20883)
    Windows mobile is 6 professional CE OS 5.2.1620 (build 18125.0.4.2)

  45. Josh Says:

    Frank good too hear that my previous tip worked. Mapcruncher / Mobac make a good combination where you have a public domain map that you wish to bring into GPS like a tourist PDF file with vista not Windows 7 where Mapcruncher doesn't work with PDFs, JPEGs it does and you can screen capture specific small areas of maps for personal use, like hiking with marked paths that haven't been put on OpenStreet.

    All we need now is the Android version of Navicomputer !. I'm hoping the developers failed marriage with Windows Phone won't put him off the desires of Android :). I use a Nexus 7 as my tablet and HTC HD2 Windows Mobile phone as the one for portable hiking with Navicomputer accessing all those maps that you can. One day Leo will give up and so far there is no new Navicomputer to use on a new platform.

    That GPS port issue I think was always an issue as I recall.

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  48. 예스벳88 Says:

    I love the Philippines and it's people. I love the weather, the food and the night life. The only thing I don't like is the traffic.

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