Released version 0.95

Hello NaviComputer friends,

I have just uploaded a new NaviComputer version with some small extended features.

The compass view can now display the selected POI and shows its bearing in relation to the direction you are moving. Simply click on a POI on the map to select it and it will be shown in the compass view.

Additionally I have added the total climb and total descent height to the track statistic. It will be displayed for the actual track as well as for  tracks in GPX files. The total climb and descent value is calculated with a slight filter in order to compensate small deviations caused by the imprecise GPS elevation data.

NaviMapper has also been slightly improved. Many users had complained about the fixed window size - now NaviMapper can be resized and maximized.

You can download the new version from the downloads page.

I hope you will enjoy NaviComputer v0.95



  • New: Possibility to resize / maximize the NaviMappper Window


  • New: Display total climb and total descend height
  • New: Display selected POI in Compass View
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