Released version 0.95

Hello NaviComputer friends,

I have just uploaded a new NaviComputer version with some small extended features.

The compass view can now display the selected POI and shows its bearing in relation to the direction you are moving. Simply click on a POI on the map to select it and it will be shown in the compass view.

Additionally I have added the total climb and total descent height to the track statistic. It will be displayed for the actual track as well as for  tracks in GPX files. The total climb and descent value is calculated with a slight filter in order to compensate small deviations caused by the imprecise GPS elevation data.

NaviMapper has also been slightly improved. Many users had complained about the fixed window size - now NaviMapper can be resized and maximized.

You can download the new version from the downloads page.

I hope you will enjoy NaviComputer v0.95



  • New: Possibility to resize / maximize the NaviMappper Window


  • New: Display total climb and total descend height
  • New: Display selected POI in Compass View
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154 Responses to “Released version 0.95”

  1. Developer Says:

    Hi Heinz,

    there is a simple trick for your purpose: Simply switch off GPS when you are taking a break. If GPS is off, no points will be recorded 🙂

  2. Utah Says:

    I just installed navicomputer on my omnia i8000.
    The kompass didd't work. The needle is not shown.
    Any Ideas?

  3. Tom Says:

    Are there plans to support other operationg systems than Windows 6.x at some point?

    I am about to get a new phone and kinda want an Android phone but I want to keep using Navicomputer.

    How about WM7?

  4. skette Says:

    great App.
    I've just made some tests outdoor. Map loading and navigating works fine.. but I found a little gap.
    The displayed line for Track or route and alos the positionmarker are very small, even when sun is shining and you'r outside.
    It would be very nice, if there would be a parameter to change the colour and the amount of displayed pixels of the trackline and the positionmarker. So these both would be better seen in sunny environment.
    Is this possible to add in a new version?
    Greetings an thanks

  5. xeda Says:

    additional idea for newer version:

    to have an option like this:

    [x] when battery goes down (let we say down to 5%) -> save current track with automatic name and close the program

    might be useful

  6. KhangOzzy Says:

    Hi, the download link for 0.95 version doesn't work. Pls check!!!!

  7. chris Says:

    any chance for update?

  8. Alex Says:

    Hi, is there any updates? This is one of the best GPS software I have ever used, and wish it will have a big move on.

  9. Josh Says:

    OpenStreet now blocking maps at zoom levels 17 and 18.

    Can the developer talk to the OpenStreet people and get this sorted.

    I'm a bit miffed since I contribute to OpenStreet but they aren't allowing me to access the maps at a useful level.

    Think this occurred once before and the developer sorted it out.

  10. Josh Says:

    oops bit more getting this message via NaviMapper and Mobile Atlas Creator

    I feel like not contributing digital detail of locations to OpenStreet if they won't give me back the same. I need big maps at my age !.

    So if developer can talk nicely to them that would be great.

  11. heinz-57 Says:

    I'am using since 2 years "Navicomputer" on my HTC Touch HD- it works great. I found in this blog also "Addidional Map Sources": "OutdoorActivity Germany", "Austria", "Suedtirol" with the relevant entries that have to be added in the "MapSources.xml". However, month ago I also found the xml- script for "Wander-, Fahrrad- und Reitkarte Germany". I added this in my MapSources.xml, and it worked too: I could download tiles from this specific map. However, after some month I wanted to download maps again from this source but it doesn't work anymore! I find in the top menue of NaviMapper the title "Wander-, Fahrrad..." but searching for a city nothing happens: the maparea stays empty, no map appears in any scale!
    Maybe the source for this map has changed, so I have the wrong script in my MapSource.xml.
    Can anyone help me? Would be great

  12. Josh Says:

    The effect you described Heinz is the one I see with OpenStreet at zoom 17-18. If you try Mobile Access Creator it says illegal down load at that level, not too sure whether you see the maps you mention in that application. So it could be that they don't want you to download it and in Navicomputer you see just a blank screen.

    Have you got into using the Firefox addin HTTPFox... this allows you to study the screen calls when you are looking at someone's web site map within Firefox. This is how you crack the syntax to map calls. If you went to the Wander-, Fahrrad- und Reitkarte Germany site assuming you can look at their maps direct you would compare the syntax of the map calls with the one you put in the MapSource.xml. If it's changed then you would need to reflect that change.

    I'm still waiting for Markus to come back with a solution for my OpenStreet issue but that is what I did to check that the calls to the map had not changed. I hope Markus has not succumbed to an Android phone which would stop development or has developed other interests than cycling - LOL.

    Navicomputer has seen me navigate around Jordan, those twisty roads in the north, through Amman, down south, across Japanese islands, walks in Slovenia and the UK. It has never let one down except with sat nave you have to walk 50 ft to see which way the tracks moves:). It's a very handy application whether walking or driving. It's also got me home when trains are cancelled and I embark on a cross country bus ride, hiking between stations to get home.

  13. Josh Says:


    They were not these maps were they ?

    I think they could have been since this time last year I was looking at something live this for Slovenia. The web address that the XML was using is a picture storage area so one suspects that whoever put the material there was forced off it. If this is the site then one can consider the syntax.

  14. heinz-57 Says:

    Hallo Josh (and mybe others too)
    many thanks for your quick answer; I think you are right: I cannot see the map on Navimapper/PC. However, I tried to download the "blind" map; I really found the map with about 32MB in my explorer on PC (could of course not open it because of the nmap-format). But copying this "blind" to my navicomputer there was no map (of course?!).
    In the meantime, I found just the same you mentioned in your second reply: This seems to be the new URL but the question is: how to get the right entry for this into the "Mapsource.xml" of Navicomputer? (which I managed for "OutdooractiveGermany" etc. Any idea? I'am no IT specialist and had no succes with the following: I took the "old" entry: and contributors

    and substituted as follows:
    the ID="Wander-, Fahrrad..." bei "Wanderreitkarte" and
    http://mapmerge..." by
    NO Sucess! No map appears!
    Does anybody see a chance?
    Many thanks
    PS: I tested the site "" with HTTPFox (thanks for this link!): it says "server forbitten"

  15. Heinz-57 Says:

    Hallo Developer or to whom it may concern!
    I reported already that I would like to use the map "". But I didn't know how to manage an entry in the "Mapsource.xml". In the meantime I found the Url
    So I added

    in the Mapsource.xml.
    Result: I got just the "Layer" of the additional informations of this map but not the original OSM- map as base!
    Does anybody know how to solve this problem- would be useful for other NaviComputer- freaks as well 🙂
    Many thanks

  16. Josh Says:


    I replied to your post of the 6th April, but that did not get through so I concluded that this thread had stopped working. When I looked at what was being downloaded and replicated it in the XML file with hills, base and topo lines the layers were not integrated. I don't know how to integrate them myself using the command so I will leave that to someone else. May be this fit's onto the using Navicomputer with other maps thread.

    In the meantime I did solve my issue of finding other sources for OSM data at zoom levels of 17 & 18. Essentially OpenStreetMaps have tossed all users off their tile server if they try to download them direct from that location, reserving the OpenStreetMaps location referred in the XML as for developers only who are addin and editing maps else it slows things down. Their terms say prohibited and the other download option pushed by some people on threads on these blogs here Mobile Atlas Creator does not work either. Unlike Mobile Atlas Creator if you can find a "tile server" with OSM on it then you can edit the XML to put the commands in and business as usual.

    On the XDA thread post 1274 I have alluded to which ones do work for OSM and the full range of OSM approved tile servers. Not all on the list are tile servers, these they show.

    These servers run a day or so behind the one which one was accessing which is now banded i.e. not live servers but mirror image back ups.

    In reality it depends what you want to do with the GPS software if it's for driving then you don't need the detail, for walking you do and locations such as eateries, WC's etc only come up at the detailed level. I tend to swap between a range of maps dependent on what I want to see or do at that location. Contour maps are useful for walking in hilly area [no surprise there] so I use to a piste or cycle map, depends on the hill ;).

    Also I recently found a companion piece of software for geotag-ing photo from the GPS file generated by Navicomputer [GPX] this reads in the GPX files so you can geotag your photos for onward use in Picasa, Panoramio and onwards to Google Earth or any other photo display software that shows geotagged photo on maps. So as well as tracking where you have been and addin to the OSM layers you can also geotag your photo's based on a quality digital camera of your choice rather than one with GPS built in. I like to compare my photos at a location with others, also it's good to geotag photos for future reference. One free piece of software to do this is PicMeta PhotoTracker, see my post on April 8th 2011 and 10th on quick start:

  17. JohnJohn Says:

    I like the program very much. There is one thing I would like to have: a possibility to add POI from current location (e.g. to find back to the place I parked the car).

  18. heinz-57 Says:

    Dear JohnJohn,
    very easy with this program: with GPS on and the relevant map you touch the screen anywhere with the stylus, a menu appears: you choose "add a POI"! You can do this of course at the very beginning of a tour. You can choose either to add the POI to the (actual) "Track" or as "Favorite". If you store it as "Favorite" you can recall this point any time even without a track: just hit the GPX symbol at the bottom, than you hit in the next window on top with the double arrow left or right until you have "Favorites", tip on the relevant POI and choose "go to map"!
    Remark: I have the program in German, maybe the nomenclature in other languages is different.

  19. Heinz-57 Says:

    A question to the developer:
    I have great pleasure with NaviComputer! I use different maps for hiking: OSM and OutdoorActiveGermany, Austria, Suedtirol. But especially for hiking the "" would be even better in most cases. I tried an additional entry in Mapsource.xml":

    Problem: downloading the "maps" with NaviMapper I get as result the "Layer" with trails, markings etc. only but the OSM as basemap is missing!
    Would be great if you could manage it by means of a new Mapsource.xml to have both, OSM map and supplements of "Wanderreitkarte".
    Best greetings

  20. heko Says:

    hi all,
    first i want to say thanx for this fantastic app!!!!

    my problem is, i want to make tracks with the app "routeconverter" from

    sometimes it works perfect, no problem to outline them in navicomputer, but several times it doesn`t - don`t know where`s the failure

    any idea?

  21. Josh Says:

    I stumbled over this site two days ago which works really well for drawing / making tracks from Google and Openstreet maps which can be used with Navicomputer.

    Although it does support UK Ordnance Survey maps it does work outside the UK with the two other types of maps. You can select whether your mode of transport is car, bike or walk and it routes on that basis. You select whether to route via the Google or OpenStreet maps. If the route is not shown on the digitised maps you toggle off that part of auto routing so in the elevation details on the track created and exported to Navicomputer you don't get to see the elevation details for that segment. You also set your travel speed. It gives back the distance of the track and allows you to export out the track and that goes straight into Navicomputer.

    May be there are other applications out there that do a similar job although I found the Cloudmade router flawed in that the tracks are not usable since it only provides waypoints of masses of points. My search originated from a need to create tracks to follow from a Cicerone walking book where it's better to follow tracks already set up than try to figure out on the screen which way to turn on a path in bright sun light making it tricky to read the screen... turn left at the old barn ... which has long been knocked down etc.

    The BikeHike web site allows you to view via Google street maps, satellite, hybrid, terrain or OSMCycle map when plotting a route. This way you can toggle about looking for features.

    The main link is here:

    I note that in their notes:

    Nov 2010: Add Open Street Map (Cloudmade) Routing Algorithm

    Added the option to use either the Google or Open Street Map (Cloudmade) routing algorithm when creating a route in Follow Road mode. If you select the OSM routing algorithm and select walking or cycling mode the route will follow footpaths, bridleways and byways (where they exist on the OSM map).

    So whilst the Cloudmade site plotted the route it was useless at exporting it in a usable fashion whilst as a GPX file whilst the BikeHike one uses the algorithm but does succeed in producing the GPX route file.

  22. heimus Says:

    When will the next version be released?

  23. josh Says:

    Good question, the developer is conspicuous by their absence so I'm wondering whether they bought a new phone or got a new love interest. I suspect we are on self help now taking the twists and turns, like Openstreet source not supporting zoom levels 17 & 18 now having to use the added value arm of Openstreet sites. However it is a pretty accomplished piece of software as it is.

  24. Lester Says:

    Would it be possible to make a non-touch compatible version? I have a BlackJack II with the GPS unlocked. I installed NaviComputer on my phone and it works, to some extent. It finds my location just fine but I can't zoom in or out and the options button seems to crash the app. Would love to see a non-touch compatible version that just uses keys. Doesn't seem like it would be too difficult, but I haven't taken a look at the source code. Thanks for this wonderful program though. Really, truly great.

  25. Lester Says:

    Or maybe just attach key commands to every button on the touch screen. Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  26. Wevenhuis Says:

    Will there be an update for navicomputer? I here windows mobile 6.5.x support will be stopped by microphone by july 2011. Would very much appreciate one. Navicomputer is a great application! Would like to see navigation function and more frequent trackpoints for improved speed, location, distance and altitude readings.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. neopren66 Says:

    I just installed NaviComputer - and am very happy how it works. In combination with NaviMapper very convenient for those who are not always online. Thanks a lot for this excellent piece of software.

    I have just one issue:

    I planned a 240km bicyle tour in Google Earth (1500 points), exported it to KML and converted it to GPX via

    The path is displayed in Navicomputer - but unfortunately many points seem to miss.

    Am I doing something wrong? Are there limitations for the number of coordinates? How can I fix it?

  28. Developer Says:

    Hi neopren66,

    in fact, for performance reasons, in the current version the track displayed on the map is limited to 600 trackpoints. If the track has more points, every other point will be left out when drawing the track to the map. This limitation was made to keep the map view always performant and responsive and to keep batterie consumption low.
    However, I understand the wishes for more trackpoints. Maybe I can make this limit (as well as some other suggested changes like trackpoint intervall) adjustable in an upcoming version.


  29. neopren66 Says:

    Thanks, perfect. That helps.

  30. Josh Says:

    Glad to hear future developments are in the pipeline.... all the best on the road with Navicomputer in Slovenia... [car and walk that would be].

    Neopren66 you might wish to look at the HikeBike site I mentioned above for working out GPS routes since it has the advantage of using both Google maps and OpenStreet using the respective routine algorithms which have been developed by the two parties, so you have the best of both worlds and it misses out the need to re-pass through GPSBabel to get the GPX file.

  31. Heinz-57 Says:

    has anybody an idea (experience) how to make maps in png-Format including kal) suitable for Navicomputer. I found real good maps besides OSM especially for hiking and would be glad being able to use them!!

  32. Alek Says:

    Downloaded and installed Navi Computer on my WM 6.5 phone (QVGA, landscape) and it seems stuck in fullscreen mode (the View softbutton is grayed out), so I can't access the different view buttons, thus missing key functionality of the software. Any hints for a solution?

  33. ibrahum didi Says:

    gps navigation

  34. johnny82 Says:

    Thanks alot it works great on htc touch2,
    i got one problem now the POI is not saved !! anybody has any idea ?

  35. Kylie Clarke Says:

    :> You have done a brilliant job as your blog site is recommended by Themelis Cuiper's SocialGarden events of branding & social advertising.

  36. Kevin Says:

    This app looks fine. Will not it definitely have support for devices without touch screen (keypad + trackball)?

  37. DougVL Says:

    I installed NaviComputer 0.95 on my HP iPAQ 910c, running WM6.1. NaviComputer works but the 'View' button is greyed out and does not function. Therefore I cannot see screens other than the main screen. I would like to see the Tracks screen especially - I would like to import some GPX files to follow.

    Is there a known reason why the 'View' button should be greyed out and unavailable? Perhaps because my phone's display is 320x240, landscape mode?



  38. Developer Says:

    Hello Doug,
    in fact your landscape resolution is the problem. Can't you switch your phone to portrait somewhere in the system settings? At least with some additional tool it should be possible...

  39. DougVL Says:

    Developer -

    According to all the information I can find, it's not possible to switch screen orientation on the iPAQ 910, although at least one other model has a rotation button. I also tried the only 2 apps I could find that were supposed to rotate the display, but neither one would work on my PPC.

    I had already tried to change orientation because a geocaching program looked OK on my screen but was unusable because of my landscape format.

    Thanks for your rapid response!


  40. DougVL Says:

    Developer -

    If NaviComputer is programmed in Visual Studio, an article at
    about halfway down the page is a section that might be helpful (if you're interested in additional screen compatibility). Here's a little of the page:

    Exercise 3: Supporting Both Landscape and Portrait Displays
    An increasing number of Windows Mobile powered devices have landscape displays. Some devices may be landscape all of the time; others may switch dynamically between portrait and landscape. To maximize the opportunity for your Windows Mobile–based applications and to minimize undesirable support calls, your applications should support both portrait and landscape display. The application that you used in Exercise 2, RealEstateMgr currently supports portrait display. In this exercise, you will modify the RealEstateMgr application to support both portrait and landscape displays.


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