Released version 0.94

After some time here is a new release.

The most important change is the new GPS Compass display. A nice needle compass will point to north and show the heading of your actual movement in degrees.

Please note that the compass is based on GPS information, so it will only work when GPS is fixed and you are moving.

You can download the new version from the downloads page.



  • Fix: OpenPisteMap map source


  • New: GPS Compass
  • New: Possibility to switch between GPX, Maps and Bookmarks lists by tapping the arrows (without sliding)
  • Fix: Possible crash when deleting a gpx file
  • Fix: OpenPisteMap map source
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64 Responses to “Released version 0.94”

  1. Minister Huang Says:

    Great software!!!!!!

    when I use navimapper to download the map, maybe the bad ISP service, allways display "Error! Retries ..".

    could the navimapper.exe run at the retry mode, then I can run times to perfect the .nmap?


  2. Minister Huang Says:

    Another question,

    Could the navimapper.exe download mix (road and sat) maps? just auto mix the PNG and JPG?

    Thanks very much!

  3. Hans de Haan Says:

    Just installed on a Mitac MIO A701 (PDA with GPS) version 0.94 running on Windows Mobile 5.
    I know it should be WM6 but this A701 is an oldy. But : IT WORKS.
    One problem : GPS coordinates are 100 times the actual value.
    Apeldoorn, The Netherlands had latitude 5211.429 longitude 600.99 in stead of 52.11429 resp. 6.0099. Centre GPS position now just gives a blue blank screen. Really this is a pity. The program just looks great.

  4. Don Says:

    The zoom is not working. Is there something I am missing.

  5. Feri Says:

    I posted this same comment for the 0.9 relese (by mistake):

    I have observed some inaccuracy when saving track logs. More exactly I made a bike trip same days ago, recorded my trip with navicomputer and saved the log with 10sec interval. My route was a 99% climbing of about 650 meters level difference, but when I analyzed the track log it would sum up a 150 meter descent and 800 meter climb. In reality there was no descent, only climbing, so this error must come from the GPS inaccuracy.
    Of course I could have saved the log with 1 second distance, but usually one do not want a very huge log file. This is one feature improvement which could be made here, to get such an option when saving GPS log.
    Instead of only saving every 10th point (10 seconds log), a filtering/ vectoring could be made using the “not saved points" at least for the altitude, achieving this way a more accurate information, to compensate GPS device inaccuracy. Of course if one knows that the track included many and frequent ups and downs it could save the log with smaller interval or even without filtering/vectoring enabled.
    This could be specific to my device, however I think this is a quite generic issue of GPS enabled handheld devices.

    Please consider this improvment potential for next release.

  6. Tony Says:

    Can you make a version for the blackberry?

  7. Developer Says:

    @Tony: Sorry, no blackberry support is expected.

    @all: Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Even though I can not respond to all comments individually I am reading your comments carefully and I'm considering your suggestion for upcoming versions.


  8. Achim Says:

    Please consider to make navicomputer working with external gps device (description in the blog is not working, because you would have to choose a com port in the program, what is not possible). Or is there another way to modify the program so that it will work?

  9. Developer Says:

    Hi Achim,

    yes, external GPS is working. At least with WM6 and higher it is. You can skip the last step in the description because NaviComputer automatically uses the "GPS Program Port". (COM 9 in the example). Numerous users got it working with external GPS this way.

  10. gerard Says:

    Just got to say that this is one of the best WinMo packages I've ever used. It's extremely useful and reliable to use. I love it. Good work, thanks.


  11. Wevenhuis Says:

    I've used navicomputer on my HTC HD2 in the swiss alps. Worked perfectly. Got some tips from your site on being able to download the detailed 1:25000 hiking maps from swiss topo. Downloaded it.

    Navicomputer saved my life this summer. Was stuck in the swiss mountains for two days, but could orient in the mist and give the helicopter rescue service my gps coordinates. Thanks!

  12. Steve Says:

    I'm trying to use Navicomputer on an HTC HD mini for geocaching but can't work out how to enter destination co-ords so that they show up on the compass view to help you locate the site.

    Sorry if I am missing something obvious

  13. sebastian Says:

    Great tool. Thanks. But I have a trouble with pois. I mark a poi on the map, and a icon appear, but, it is not memorized... If I close the program and open again, the poi doesn´t exist on the map or on the track. Simply dissapear... Anybody with similar problem?

  14. sebastian Says:

    Problem is resolved. It works correctly. Fantastic job. Thanks.

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