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NaviComputer for Windows Phone 8 – BETA version released

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Hello everybody,

it is a long time ago since NaviComputer got its last updates on the Windows mobile platform and it took a while to get it started with Windows Phone.

But finally here are some good news for all Windows Phone 8 users:


Released version 0.96

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Hi there,

after a long time of waiting I am glad to announce a new version of navicomputer. Go to download page.

Well, honestly it's not a big update but at least it comes up with two improvements which many user had requested.

Many users wanted to have shorter trackpoint intervalls in recorded tracks, especially important when moving fast by bike or car. The previous version was limited to a min intervall of 5sec. Another limitation was the track displayed in the map view: If a track had more than 600 trackpoints, only every second point was displayed in the track. Both limitations were made to keep the performance high on all kind of smartphones and to save batterie power. Now I decided to create a file with 'expert settings' where the user himself can specify the limits so everyone can adapt it to his/her needs and device performance.

This is what I came up with: (more…)

Released version 0.95

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Hello NaviComputer friends,

I have just uploaded a new NaviComputer version with some small extended features.

The compass view can now display the selected POI and shows its bearing in relation to the direction you are moving. Simply click on a POI on the map to select it and it will be shown in the compass view.

Additionally I have added the total climb and total descent height to the track statistic. It will be displayed for the actual track as well as for  tracks in GPX files. The total climb and descent value is calculated with a slight filter in order to compensate small deviations caused by the imprecise GPS elevation data.

NaviMapper has also been slightly improved. Many users had complained about the fixed window size - now NaviMapper can be resized and maximized.

You can download the new version from the downloads page.

I hope you will enjoy NaviComputer v0.95



Released version 0.94

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

After some time here is a new release.

The most important change is the new GPS Compass display. A nice needle compass will point to north and show the heading of your actual movement in degrees.

Please note that the compass is based on GPS information, so it will only work when GPS is fixed and you are moving.

You can download the new version from the downloads page.



  • Fix: OpenPisteMap map source


  • New: GPS Compass
  • New: Possibility to switch between GPX, Maps and Bookmarks lists by tapping the arrows (without sliding)
  • Fix: Possible crash when deleting a gpx file
  • Fix: OpenPisteMap map source
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Samsung Omnia II Special Edition updated

Sunday, May 9th, 2010


finally the updated NaviComputer Samsung Omnia II Special Edition is available on the Samsung Application Store.

(NaviComputer at

It is now based on the latest Version 0.93 and has an graphically improved magnetic compass visualization.

(NaviComputer Samsung Omnia 2 Edition)

Please understand that I have to ask for a small fee at Samsung App Store. The reason is that it is not allowed to encourage donations at Samsung App Store. Owners of an Omnia II who already donated will of course get the Samsung version for free. Just send me a short email.

If you can't use the Samsung App Store or Kies, simply donate a few bucks via Paypal and add a remark about the Samsung Edition. I will send you the application via email then.

Released version 0.93

Monday, April 5th, 2010

The main purpose of version 0.93 is fixing the issue with the OpenStreetMap map source.

But there are also some small new things included: By tapping on a POI marker on the map, the name of the POI will be shown on the map. Your current distance and bearing to the POI will be displayed in the top bar.

By tapping the topbar, it is possible to switch between different display modes (Altitude/Speed --> Location(Lat/Lng) --> POI distance/bearing)



Released version 0.92

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Version 0.92 comes with some minor new features and a major improvement: I have triggered the TURBO. Map download is up to 10 times faster now. Also the online mode / map rendering has been significantly improved.

Below is the complete changelog:


Released version 0.91

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

In addition to version 0.90, this release adds support for square screen devices, adds user interface translations to Spanish, French and Italian and fixes bugs found in 0.90.

Here is the changelog:

  • New: Square Screen support
  • New: Spanish translation (Thanks to Iñigo)
  • New: French translation (Thanks to Paul)
  • New: Italian translation (Thanks to Giovanni)
  • New: Possibility to toggle gps on/off by tapping the right corner in the topbar.
  • Fix: Wrong location when adding POI while 2xZoom is enabled
  • Fix: Importing some gpx files / waypoints failed

Download version 0.91 from the download page

NOTE: If you are upgrading from previous versions and have modified your "MapSources.xml" file, make sure to have a backup since the installation will overwrite the file. However, bookmarks, maps and GPX files will NOT be overwritten or deleted.

Released Version 0.90

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Finally it's done. The long awaited version 0.9 is online and can be downloaded on the Download page.

This is the basis version with new features which will be extended and improved in the following 0.9X branch.

It contains the basis of Waypoints/POI handling, extended GPX support and Map managing. Additionally, several things have been improved to simplify everyday use. The changelog is pretty long and if I listed up the internal changes it would be even longer. With this version as a basis I hope I will be able to release next versions in the 0.9 branch (0.91, 0.92, ...) more frequently.

Below is  a short introduction video and the ChangeLog:


NaviComputer Samsung GT-i8000 (Omnia II) Special Edition is available

Thursday, January 7th, 2010


The bronze award winning NaviComputer Special Edition for Samsung GT-i8000 is now available for free  download on the Samsung Application Store.

It is based on the current NaviComputer Version 0.8 R2 and additionally supports the magnetic compass of the Omnia I8000.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂